Friday, December 21, 2012

MATC Ranks Top 5 in Utah State

Orem, Utah (December 21, 2012)—Mountainland Applied Technology College (MATC) was listed as fifth best college/universities in the state of Utah today., the leading website for college and university information, has issued the updated rankings for the Top 2,000 colleges and universities in the United States and released its 4th annual college ranking.

MATC provides both technical and practical business applications.  MATC programs are developed to specifically meet the skilled workforce demands of business and industry, teaching necessary entry level and upgrade skills required by industry in the shortest time possible.  Upon completion of MATC programs, students will be job-ready and prepared to work in one of many technical fields.

This was the second year in a row that the MATC has ranked 5th place. Campus President Clay Christensen, stated, “We are thrilled to see our high listing and feel we are a valuable resource to the community and to the state of Utah”. uses many different measures in determining the rank of a particular school. The most important factors are a school's ACT/SAT scores, its student retention, faculty salary, and student / faculty ratio. A school's score can be between 0 and 100, with the best possible score being 100. It's important to note that some schools do not have enough data to be ranked in the system, and these schools will not appear on the lists.

A key distinction between and other college ranking organizations is that the system is based purely on a mathematical comparison of key statistics. Many other popular college-ranking lists utilize peer review feedback, wherein colleges rate other colleges. The college rankings, first released in 2009, were designed to compare raw statistical data, without peer ratings or subjective adjustment such as the school's prestige/brand influencing the list. The list is available on's website at

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